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Hire a Day of Event Coordinator for Flawless Execution

We are your stress-free solution for private events, corporate and non-profit outsourcing. Take advantage of our all-inclusive day of event planning package.

Decorating Wedding Table

Day of Event Coordination $1500

✅ Includes 15 hours of service: run of show planning, rehearsal attendance, and day of event coordination.

✅ Point of contact for all vendors.

✅ Coordinate setup and breakdown of tables, chairs, linens, & decorations.

✅ Coordinate caterers & food stations.

✅ Direct run of show: timing, photo locations, toasts, speeches, dances, etc.

✅Handle any unforeseen issues.

✅Assist host and guests as needed.

✅Emergency kit: safety pins, deodorant, sewing kit, pain reliver, band-aids, water bottles, liquid iv electrolytes, tide to go, super glue, lint roller, hair pins, mints, hair spray, q-tips, tampons, blister treatment, protein bars, etc.

✅ $100 per hour over 15 hours of service. 


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